“I decided that 2020 would be the year to focus on my nutrition. While I was already very active my nutrition was an area that needed a lot of improvement. Without any changes to my activity levels last year, I was able to reduce my body weight by 40 lbs and my cholesterol by 46 mg/dl. Ellie was great at helping me build sustainable healthy eating habits and at 37 years old I feel better than I have in the last decade. Ellie is truly gifted as a Nutrition Coach and I can't recommend her highly enough.” 

"This is more than just someone telling you how many calories you need to eat – it is an interactive, feedback-driven program that is designed based on my individual goals. 


When I first started the Program, Ellie sat down with me to talk through my goals and current habits, as well as my thoughts on roadblocks that were keeping me from where I wanted to be. 


She designed a program that is tailored to my lifestyle and goals, and I’ve seen great results so far.  I had been working out, mainly CrossFit-style workouts, for the better part of 8 years, yet I never really realized what an important part nutrition plays in the results.


I was guilty of the mindset that less calories meant weight loss, and at the same time, I also thought that you could “out work” a bad diet.  With Ellie’s guidance, I am now eating more food that I was used to – but I’m losing weight and improving my body composition.


I cannot speak more highly of Ellie and her Nutrition Coaching.  The accountability she provides has been a game-changer for me…Ellie’s knowledge, frequent “check ins”, and genuine interest in my success has been the piece that I’ve been missing."

Megan Zeski

"I needed the push to get back on track with my nutrition and the accountability to stick with it. I was completely committed and have seen incredible results in weight loss, body fat, and overall wellness.

Ellie is so knowledgeable and caring about each individual’s needs. She set up my nutrition profile based on the goals I gave her, and I am so pleased with the results I’ve seen.

She is attentive to questions and also goes above and beyond to make sure you are on the right track with nutrition!"

​Carrie Lane

"I jumped in and have seen incredible results in weight loss and overall health. Ellie set up my profile based on the goals I gave her, and it has been working like nobody's business. Twenty pounds are gone. Endurance is WAY up. Blood pressure is WAY down and I feel like a million bucks."

Mike Wright

 "I initially signed up just to see what it was all about. Having someone work with you to tailor a diet plan that is both effective and achievable has been great!

Ellie is super energetic and engaging and provides continual feedback based on your needs. I never realized how much a good diet could affect your energy levels during your workouts, and improve recovery time so that you are ready to go the  next day! Thanks to Ellie for showing me the way.

If you have ever been curious about some nutritional coaching Ellie is the best. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!"

BJ Smith 


"I can look in the mirror and see my hours of hard work pay off.


Ellie has been great, working with me on my eating and holding me accountable.


For the first time, I feel as though I know what I should do and what I need to do.


Instead of just feeling good, I’m looking better too. I am more than two months in with Ellie now and my motivation is still not faltering. I know the days ahead will be even harder (But fun, for sure), and I’m prepared."

- Jordan D.

Caroline's Story

2021 Nutrition Challenge Winner!

"A healthy mom is a great gift to a child." 


If you know me, then you're just as shocked as I am that I was one of the winners of the nutrition challenge. This is an appreciation post to Ellie. She is so unbelievably gifted at what she does, and I'm so thankful for what she has invested in me so that I could get the results I did. It's not about being skinny or getting down to a certain weight. It's about being a healthy and strong momma and wife. As Ellie says, our body is our most used resource in life. We only get one. Whatever investment we make into it, we will reap the return times ten. Thanks, Ellie, for giving my son a healthy, happy momma!"

Rebecca's Story


"No sense in struggling through this journey by yourself, fam. Ask for help when you need it."


Left picture is January 20, 2020 and I weighed 135.2. Crossfit Laminin started a 6 week nutrition challenge that day and I participated with a goal of gaining lean muscle mass. The picture on the right is June 20, 2020 and I weighed 143.2lbs. That is +8lbs with less body fat thanks to the people who held me to the standard I set for myself. 


Goals require time and goals require accountability. The cool thing about being healthy is that anyone can do it. Don't sell yourself short

Jeffrey's Story


During the three month of coaching, I learned to listen to my body.  Ellie gave me tools to give my body what it wants instead of what I had been conditioned through poor advice and corporate advertising to think it needed. 


Having Ellie hold me accountable has been life changing and maybe lifesaving. During the three months Ellie was coaching me, I went through a very rough time personally. If I’d not had Ellie tracking my food intake and offering suggestions and encouragement, I would have returned to my old eating patterns of “eating my feelings”. The old comfort foods of pizza and potato chips would have been back on the menu. The short lived comfort would have given way to a downward spiral of depression. With Ellie’s help, I maintained my healthy eating habits. The depression was short lived. My pants size did not increase. I came through that season more healthy than I ever did in the past. 


To be clear, I will still sometimes “eat my feelings” but now my feelings consist of beef jerky and grapes, instead of potato chips and pizza. Thanks Ellie for all you did!


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