"Ellie has shown me practical ways to stay on track with eating healthier foods that make me feel better. For the first time, I feel like I have found a balance with food that is healthy and something that will be sustainable for me."


Alex Woodard, Masters in Counseling Student

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Our Mission is to provide highly effective, personalized nutrition coaching with results that actually last.

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Logan Tuck

Civil Engineering Student

"Nutrition coaching has helped me lose 7% body fat over 3 months and also taught me exactly how much nutrients my body needed to feel great mentally and physically. I was prone to chronic migraines before I started working with Ellie, but with her help & proper nutrition, I have only had one in the past year."

Hannah Pfiefler

Attorney at Law

"Since I started the nutrition program, I have hit a new power clean PR and Back Squat PR! I feel faster on the rower. I feel strong, and I know I am only getting stronger.


The best thing about this programming is that you have the BEST person in your corner at all times. Someone who truly cares about your progress and goals and ensures you are on track but also enjoying the process. I think that's really important and not something you find often in nutrition programs."

Casey Trest

SwimRite Pools

"I used to have a problem drinking a lot of soda and eating fast food. Ellie provided me with a custom made 6 week nutritional plan that was realistic for my life. It helped me establish good habits and learn how to make good food choices. 


At the end of the 6 weeks, I had lost 30 pounds and 6% body fat. I am still able to continue to implement the healthy lifestyle habits I built while working with Ellie."

Rebecca Blackmon

Head Coach at Crossfit Laminin

Head Coach at Masters Performance

"Fitness is my full time job, and I still have to be held accountable every single day. I have a fitness coach (Jake Naumcheff) and a nutritionist, Ellie Hiller. They are extremely good at what they do (results speak for themselves). If it weren't for them I'd probably never work out. No sense in struggling through this journey by yourself, fam. Ask for help when you need it. I happen know some pretty qualified people. 

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