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"Sport and training are microcosms for life. My life is not crossfit training, but the lessons I learn in sport carry over very nicely to the real world. Here are a few..."

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"The reality of life is the things we value most take effort.."

"Of COURSE you don’t have time to workout or meal spend 3 hours a day on facebook and instagram. You just care about that more. Sorry that was harsh, but sometimes I need the hard truth. 


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The $72 Billion Dollar Diet Industry and Our Approach to Combat it.

Our mission, vision, and method at Vulcan Nutrition is to look at the individual as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. We view nutrition and fitness through the lease of healthcare NOT a transformation picture at the critical expense of someone’s health.

Can Sleep Affect Your Body Weight? 

Is your lack of adequate sleep contributing to your inability to lose weight and regulate hunger signals? 

Who Gets the Blood? 

The easy-to-understand science behind eating too close to an intense workout. Strategies included to help you avoid GI distress during your workouts. 

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