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Ellie Tarence Hiller 


Ellie has had a love for fitness and health from a young age. Her close relationship with her dad who also loves to workout led to many late nights working out at the local gym together. 


Zane, her father, is an accomplished athlete and basketball player. Many nights of basketball drills, strength training, and sprints at the track created a solid foundation for Ellie in establishing her love for fitness and health. 


Ellie and Zane would travel all over for crossfit competitions, triathlons, tennis tournaments, basketball games/tournaments, and run events from 5ks to half marathons. 


This experimentation in the gym and in sport led to an ongoing curiosity with strength, conditioning, and nutrition. 


When she was a junior in high school, she found crossfit and immediately fell in love with the intensity and community of the sport. 




She joined the closest crossfit gym to her house and consistently showed up to the 5:00am class before school. Then she would go to school and basketball practice and head straight back to Crossfit Birmingham for the rest of the afternoon. 


Ellie has competed and coached CrossFit for 6 years, and is still currently pursuing competitive aspirations in the sport.


Throughout her early years of competing, she quickly realized the effects that poor nutrition had on her performance and lifestyle. 


She decided to focus on the aspects of performance that would give her an edge over the people who were training just as hard or harder. 


Nutrition, sleep, recovery, mindset, and stress management were the main factors. Nutrition became a deep passion of hers, and she started diving into learning as much as the topic as she could. 

In an effort to keep nutrition a passion rather than vocation, Ellie chose to pursue her undergraduate degree in Nursing rather than dietetics and nutrition.


She graduated from Samford University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and started working as a Registered Nurse in UAB’s Emergency Department. 


Ellie still works part time as a registered nurse, but focuses primarily on coaching individualized clients through Vulcan Nutrition.


Her vision is for people to be capable of doing whatever they aspire to in life without limitations from their body.


Health looks different to everyone, and her goal is to help each individual progress along their personal continuum of health goals and aspirations.


Whether their goals are to be active with their grandchildren or to become a better high school athlete, there is a place for proper nutritional coaching in everyone’s life. 


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